RieberLok® Gaskets are only approved for use in PVC pipes and fittings manufactured to AWWA C900 specifications and that are originally fitted with a Rieber gasket.

  1. RieberLok® gaskets are designed to be used in below ground installations. For other installation environments please contact Ransom International.
  2. Do not use RieberLok® gaskets in pipes installed on bridge crossings or in other dynamic environments.
  3. Do not reuse previously assembled RieberLok® gaskets as they may have been damaged during the previous installation. RieberLok® gaskets may be removed from the bell socket of a pipe prior to joint assembly and inserted into a different pipe if that is required.
  4. For cold weather assembly, maintain the temperature of the gasket above 40º F and assemble the joint as soon as possible after the RieberLok® is inserted into pipe’s bell socket.
  5. Ensure that the bell socket, pipe spigot and RieberLok® gasket are clean and free of debris prior to assembly. 
  6. Ensure the RieberLok® gasket is properly oriented and seated in the bell socket. 
  7. Some extension of the joint will occur when pressurized. To minimize this, the joint should be pulled out after assembly to "set" the gasket. 
  8. When cut pipe are used, follow the additional installation steps described in the Field Cut Instruction guide.
  9. Prior to assembly, ensure that the pipe spigots meets the required dimensional tolerances shown in the chart below.

AWWA C900 Pipe Barrel Dimension Limits

Pipe Size Barrel Circumference Outside Diameter
Nominal (Maximum) Minimum (Maximum) Minimum
4" 15-9/32" 14-29/32" 4.86" 4.74"
6" 21-7/8" 21-1/2" 6.96" 6.84"
8" 28-5/8" 28-1/4" 9.11" 8.99"
10" 35-1/16" 34-11/16" 11.16" 11.04"
12" 41-21/32" 41-9/32" 13.26" 13.14"
Assembly Instructions Field Cut Instructions